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BaCk-eR | FOrwarD-eR

Tagged by: Saku-chan and...Semi-Hiatus? :P

Tagged by: [info]saku062

About the person who tagged you…
1.Which Arashi member are they most like?
You know I find this part the most difficult to answer...because I don't really know the people here on LJ and stuff so yeah. But if I could just say who 'seems' most like her I'd have to say....emmm uhh gah T3T Uhh a mix of Jun, Nino, and Sho? XD Haha IDK why but this is what she seems like :P Saku-chan! You're a mixture of Sho! XD Okay I think that probably isn't right but whatever XD It would take me forever ><
2.Which Arashi member do you think they would be most compatible with based on
(not by who their favorite is) This is hard too XD IDK why but I have that feeling again LOL My answer is Jun, Sho, and Nino? XD I can't just pick one out of them. Cuz something about her pulls her with those three in my head XD Haha I seriously DONT know why :P
3.What Arashi song best describes this person and why? Uhhh seriously these questions are so difficult =.= Emmmm a sad, slow song IDK why :P Maybe cuz I always tell her apart or recognize her cuz of her userpic XD Uhhh what Arashi song fits that.....Ok I was looking through my itunes and IDK why but Cool & Soul seems to fit somehow? XD Haha! I seriously dont know any of my answers okay :P Just look at her journal with her userpic and header and listen to this then you'll know what I mean! XD At least I hope you know what I mean >< IDK it just fits alright? :P

Arashi Questions
4.What is The First Drama you saw with an Arashi member. Maou I guess? Cuz I can't really remember it right but I THINK it's Maou XD Well one of their dramas! I have bad memory okay :P
5.List your… OTP. Emmm I don't really have just one OTP XD Well it'd have to be Masatoshi or Sakuraiba ^___^
6.closet (secret) OTP Seriouslt this meme's questions are so hard @___@ Ummm it'd be Masatoshi or Sakuraiba I guess?
7.Top 3 Arashi songs: Gahhhh OMFG I cant answer these questions XD LOL. Well, I don't have any tops but currently its ummm uhhh lets see.....maybe Believe, Michi, Gimmack Game(does this count XD), or Pikanchi Double, Serious or Sirius(however you spell it), Kaze, or 5x10, Cry for you?, Attack it?,  OH GOD I DONT KNOW! D< Gosh I dont like these questions T^T I can never answer them =.= Im indecisive okay AND things change from time to time with me so my top Arashi songs change T3T So this is a hard question for me DX
8.Least favorite Arashi songs. None cuz I love all their songs ^^ Besides I did say my tops and bottoms differ okay? T^T
9.Rank the Arashi boys in order of who has the cutest smile. 1. Aiba (Of course!) 2. Ohno (Duh!) 3.Sho (Obviously!) 4.Nino (Who else!) 5. Jun (Hello? Common sense?) This meme is so retarded cuz they make you single them out =.= I love them all geez T.T
10.If you could reorganize the Arashi color code, which color would you assign each member? There wouldn't be a need to because the colors they have now are simply perfect. But if I HAD to then Ohno is Black or MAYBE Red. Aiba would be Blue or maybe Grey? Sho is still Red or Green would fit him definitely! Nino is ummm Grey, Black, Red, Blue, or Green would fit him or maybe even White XD Jun fits Purple ALOT :P or maybe Black, White, Red, or Blue would work? XD I told you! I'm INDECISIVE :D
BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT the BEST colors would still and always be Ohno: Blue, Aiba: Green, Sho: Red, Nino: Yellow, and Jun: Purple :)
11.Which Arashi members would make the best stars of shoujo, shounen, and yaoi anime (cannot use the same member more then once) I think they would all be good for shoujo but maybe Nino, Aiba, or Ohno? Uhh shounen would have to be Aiba and somehow Ohno XD Yaoi? XD Haha! LMAO. Okay ummm uhhhh IONO? All of them I guess? XD
12.If you could replace any member as the actor in any other member's work, who would you swap?(Aiba for Domyouji, Sho for Tarou etc) I love that question ^_________^<---Saku-chan, I agree too XD Haha :3
Aiba for Kamiyama: I'm sur his "DREAAAAAAM CHAAAANCE dance" would be wonderful *_*<---Agreed! :D And also Aiba for Naruse, Yano Kenta, Yamada Tarou, Mimura Takuya, or Ariake Koichi :D Haha XD I think Aiba would be perfect for alot maybe except Doumyouji IDK why though :P
Nino for Naruse ^^ Or he can be Yano Kenta or Mimura Takuya ><
Oh but Sho for Naruse is also great XD Or maybe Sho as Yamada Tarou would work too :)
Ohno for Yamada Tarou definitely! XD It wouldn't be hard, cause we're already fainting when this guy smiles<---I agree! >< But Ohno for Kamiyama or Mimura Takuya IDK why but I would DIE to see that XD or Ohno can be Ariake Koichi or even Masamune in Aiba's My Girl XD Haha! :3
Jun for ehhhh MAYBE Kamiyama or OH! Mimura Takuya or even Naruse ^____^
13.Who would you want as a crossdressing model, a cosplay model, and an underwear model (can't use same Arashi member twice) This question is so hard, because...the three options would fit my ichiban >__< crossdressing: Aiba! He IS the girl type. Cosplay model: Nino because he's an Otaku and he's always embarassed during those cosplay things XD underwear model: Sho...do I need to say more? Roooaaaar XD<---haha I so agree with you Saku-chan! XD Aiba or Ohno would be perfect for crossdressing model XD Cospla? Aiba would fit too and maybe(yes Im ignoring the parentheses :P) Sho? XD haha and underwear model would be Sho cuz hed be embarrassed and shy and that would be HELLA CUTE XDD LOL. Emmm Nino would be good for that too though ><
14.If your OTP could star in a bl (boy love) movie of your choice which genre would it be and what would the title be? Okay first of all I will not answer this and I cant so this is all you're gonna read of my answer outta this: A bl movie modeled after Arashi's ten years together with all members of Arashi and some of those famous and also not as famous pairings that I love so much ^^
15.If Ohno were a doughnut, what flavor would he be? The chocolate flavor n___n The one with all those colored candies on the top<---Haha Saku-chan I also agree with this but Ohno could be original flavored too IDK why :P
16.Two Arashi members get locked inside a room for five minutes. Who are they and what do they end up doing? I just suddenly got two ideas for a fic thanks to this meme so you will find the answer somewhere in that fic when I write it ^^

17.Favorite picture of your (Arashi)ichiban

I have two ichibans so I will put both :D Again Im in a rush to finish this and most no all of these pics aren’t exactly my favs but they’re still THE BEST EVER :3


Here are OHNO and AIBA(: ILY2 XD Haha xP

My lovely Aiba and lovely Ohno<3<3<3

Aww they are so cute!!!!! Right?? :D Hehe >< Fishies(:

18. Favorite picture of your OTP

I can't answer this correctly because I dont really have just ONE selected OTP. I have a lot of favs and if you know me well enough, you would know that I am possibly THE most indecisive person ever. So here's a few pics of some of my OTPs(:

First off its MASATOSHI<3<3<3 Aren’t they just plain CUTE?? XD Haha, this isn’t exactly my fav pic of this OTP but its really adorable :3

I wonder what’s next now…Oh yeah! SAKURAIBA<3<3<3 This is also not exactly my fav pic of this OTP but it is awesome no?? Yes right! Aren’t they just the cutesiest XD HAHA! I really do love this pic though :D Very happy and so meaningful...well at least it is in my eyes :P

Okay I just HAD to put this! >< YAMA PAIR<3<3<3 Or as I like to call it sometimes, OHKURAI<3<3<3 XD Its SO FUNNY!!! LMAO XDD These two are just too adorably dorky together! xP Again, not exactly my fav pic of them but its still wonderful(: I don’t have that much time so I just picked these pics randomly. ><

Alright just one last one because if I do anymore, I wouldn’t be able to finish! DX I’ve taken so long and I would really like to finish it. So here goes AIMIYA<3<3<3 EEEKKKK! XD LOL this is so freaking cute :3 Those two are simply magic together(: I love both a lot ^^ Okays really no time so I better hurry DX I hate school T^T May it be cursed. *sigh* I don’t EVER have time anymore D< but these OTP pics have helped quite a lot xP

19. Favorite Arashi picture

As long as they’re together, happy, and smiling then all of their pictures are my favorite(: Their smiles and happiness are my happiness and smiles<3 ARASHI FOREVER! ^^

20. Favorite picture of a NON Arashi famous guy

My beautifully hottie, JANG WOO HYUK<3 Not exactly my fav pic but this is the only good pic I have of him so far XD He doesn't have much pics >.> No fair! Hes so cute and totally CUTE no??? XD

21. #1 Arashi picture you would not like to show your grandma

There are a LOT of Arashi pics I don't want my grandma to see and this is one of them XD

Yeahhhh I shouldn't be staring at half naked guys XD LMAO oh well :P too late and how can you NOT look at them >< i think I like Jun the most here :3 Okay in rush still so imma quickly end this DX

Tagging: (FINALLY) Imma just tag a few people for now if its not enough then oh well! :P You guys dont have to do this. Just do it if you want to okay? Hope not too much of a bother >< Im finally DONE! YES XD Sorry it took so very very very LONG DX Gomen ne Saku-chan ><

[info]amh1988, [info]aimai3, [info]aya_no_michi, [info]chibilover14, [info]kiah_1, [info]syri_chii, [info]yuriski

Oh yeah, I would to annouce that Emi and I are on a semi-hiatus(if you havent known or figured out already)
Emi has updated and completed A Voice in A Dream while I have done nothing XD Haha :P BUT I do have two one-shots in store for you. Also I am half done with Aiba's Dilemna and Forgotten Memories. But school is killing me and Emi so I don't know when I'll be able to finish them and post it up here >.> I don't have that much computer time anymore DX Not as much Arashi or Jang Woo Hyuk or anything else T^T I hate school. Who else? *sigh* gotta deal with real life for a year then SUMMER! :D
PS IDK why the first line is blue =.= Ugh whatever so yeah. Thats probably it...Oh ya!
I also have some drabbles in store for some special occasions coming soon(: Im sorry if you were waiting for updates! I will definitely try to update more and faster but I can't guarantee it...Sorry >< Soo what else??.....hmmm lets see uhh well semi-hiatus it is! XD
PPS My Girl is AWESOME!<3 Cant wait to hear full version *__* And yay Nino has new movie! VS Arashi goes golden. Aiba's first lead role. Ohnos mini drama. Ninos drama special thingy. Juns new hair. Emm what others...okay, another new song for Ohnos mini drama! I really really really hope that there will be a PV or something for either of those songs DX AND Emi and I have ordered some concert goods and they SHOULD come around mid October >.> Ive been waiting since August *sigh* I wish they come faster T^T Oh well maybe just a couple more weeks :3
So yeah, Im still me, Michi(: Indecisive, foul langauged sometimes, meh temper, amateur writer, Arashi lover, Chinen adorer, picky, weird, not THAT smart, late, sorry, extremely late, liar liar pants on fire, excited, talkative, cheerful, annoyed, pissed, and fangirl-ly<3 Hope you didnt forget me yet XD Missed you all! DX So sorry once again. ><
Thats goodbye for now I guess? :( Yes I know how sad XD But I will be back...some day. xP Im supposed to be sleeping right now @___@ But I just HAD to finish this and YAY! Im done :D Mission accomplished now I must SLEEP!(: Byebyes people of earth.
I LOVE JANG WOO HYUK(greatest #1 dancer ever! and the cutest, hottest, best guy ever next to Arashi of course. Check him out if you ever get the chance(: You'll love him<3 I sure do. HELLA LOT too XD Yay me then! ^^)
Cya for reals now oh and listen to MY GIRL by ARASHI, DREAM FIELD or MENG TIAN by S.H.E, and some songs by JANGWOOHYUK, and I'll name some next time(x Laters guys!<3
~Michi (Not Emi) Happy to see you all after so long! xP



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Nov. 28th, 2009 04:19 pm (UTC)
i am going to read it then try and think about it *but i am going to post it asap!*
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