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Forgotten Memories Chapter #1 (FINALLY XD)

Title: Forgotten Memories
Author: Arashiku's Michi
Pairings: ArashiXArashi, Possible To Come in Later Chapters: Sakuraiba, Aimiya, Ohmiya, Matsuba, Masatoshi, Sakumoto, Sakumiya, Juntoshi, and Matsumiya (Your picks)
Warnings: Hm, you'll see I guess. Um unbeta-ed and quite OOC.
Disclaimer: I wish but I don't.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Aiba Masaki had a forgotten past. He wanted to know what had changed his life so much. One fateful day he meets four people that seem as if they had been blessed upon him from the heavens above.
A/N: This story is fictional. Created by me, Arashiku. Arashi does not exist. AU-AU-AU. Alternate universe. May be OOC because I made it up! I just borrowed the characters from my favorite little cuties Arashi! This is my first try on something a little bit mature but I'll probably fail :P
 Yeah, I just decided I just can't do mature stuff so there will probably be none if thats what you're looking for :P *This was originally posted on my other account but I decided I want to post this fic on this account instead* ><

Start Here:

Aiba Masaki was walking down the streets at midnight. The clock had just striked twelve, when he heard voices. Smooth, soft voices singing along the streets. They were echoing throughout the area and it was impossible to not hear it. But, nobody turned their lights on. Nobody in the sidewalk seemed like they heard anything.

He thought it was strange. The voices continued to sing and they captivated Aiba so very much that he began to follow the sound. He closed his eyes to take it all in and then looked up at the dark, black sky.

Above all things was a bright light. He stared at the moon intently.

Today wasn't supposed to be a full moon...and why is it so bright? Aiba thought in his mind. He continued to search for the voices.

At last, he reached a large house. It stood out among the other houses. It was painted light blue but it glistened under the moonlight, making it seem as though it was white.

It wasn't exactly the biggest house around, but there was a beautiful fountain in the front yard. Water was flowing inside the fountain and spraying around with a few drops hitting the cold, grassy ground.

That's when he noticed it. The four sculpted angels placed near the fountain. These angels seemed fairly new and were as clear as glass. Aiba stepped closer towards the unusual house and admired the scenery.

"How beautiful..This was a wonderful birthday present. The best I've ever had...The only present I ever had. It's so lovely. Thank you..." He whispered and a transparent tiny tear slowly slipped off his cheeks and onto one of the angels.

"Tears do not suit you." A pair of gentle hands wrapped around the back of Aiba's neck.


"Shh, just be at peace. Even if it is just for now." The person shushed Aiba.

"..Thank you..." Another tear fell upon his cheeks but it was the last. The end of his tears of tonight. He closed his eyes once again and rested, leaning slightly on the other.

"Happy Birthday, Masaki." And the person vanished almost immediately after.

Aiba did not move though. He was grateful. One small moment was enough. He was feeling the best he had ever felt in his whole life.

"Thank you so much.." It was indeed a birthday he'll never forget. And also the one Christmas, where everything changes.

As the young man thought about the mysterious person, he had wandered somewhere along the streets.

"Aiba Masaki?" A low voice echoed and reached Aiba's ears. He turned slightly to find the most beautiful being he had ever seen.

There was a young man around his age dressed in a black suit together with a unique shaped white tie. He had his short hair worn short and flowing. His dark brown eyes shined under the moonlight as if they were stars.

Aiba could not help himself from staring with his mouth just a bit open. "Y-Yes."

Then his heart melted as the other smiled sweetly directed at Aiba and only him. The man slowly approached Aiba with the smile still present on his beautiful face.

"I have longed for this moment for so long. I finally get to meet you in person...You're even prettier in person,"

It took Aiba almost a minute to understand what he had just been told by the most gorgeous person he's ever met. "What do you mean...? And I'm average, not pretty at all. Who-who are you, may I ask?"

"No, you are the most pretty human being I have ever encountered. That is a fact. And please excuse my rudeness. I have yet to properly introduce myself. Good evening, Aiba Masaki. I am your guardian angel, Sakurai Sho. But please feel free to call me Sho." Another smile appeared on his lips and Aiba's heartbeat quickened.

The smile was so dazzling. This man, named Sakurai Sho, was so dazzling. Aiba was too distracted by him to notice what Sakurai Sho had said before he announced his name to the other.

After a couple seconds of silence his brain finally registered the man's words. "Wait, guardian...angel?"

"Goodness, Sho! Did I not tell you to choose your words carefully? Look now, he is confused." It was the same voice as a while ago. The soft, gentle voice of the very person who had comforted Aiba so dearly. It was...him?

A different but still beautiful man came out from under the shadows as he whacked the back of Sakurai's head with little strength put into it. This man's hair was a little bit longer and his eyes were a minuscule lighter than Sakurai's eyes. He had a tiny body, unlike Sakurai's who seemed fit and a reasonable height. The young man was also wearing a similar outfit as the other.

This person was maybe some centimeters shorter than his companion, whom he calls so familiarly.

"You're the one from before..." It had came out as a whisper but the mysterious man had no doubt heard it loud and clear.

"Yes, yes I happen to be the one from before, Masaki. Oh, which reminds me, I have not introduced myself yet either. I'm Ninomiya Kazunari. I would like to be called, Kazunari, if you do not mind." His grin was blinding.

Both men had beautiful faces, good manners, bright smiles, and those gentle and sweetly soft voices.

He thought it was a miracle to encounter such beautiful beings on the same night at once. He had thought too soon for two more men appeared suddenly as Ninomiya had.

And it was no surprise. These two were also perfect as was Sakurai and Ninomiya. Who would have thought and average man like Aiba Masaki could ever meet four wonderful people in an instant on the night of a beautiful full moon on his birthday? Certainly not Aiba himself.

"What-this-what's going on?...Who are you people?" His eyes darted from Ninomiya and Sakurai to the other unknown pair.

One was shorter than the other three. Just a small difference between him and Ninomiya's height. He seemed fairly young. Possibly the youngest of the four. This man had jet black hair that ended almost at the tip of his chin. His hair was just breathtaking.

The same goes for his eyes. They were a unique dark color. It was simply the most terrific eyes out of the four. And those eyebrows. They were just too cute. Who was this man?

"Go on, Satoshi. Introduce yourself and Jun as well after." Ninomiya ordered.

The man Aiba had been so caught by made a motion to talk first. He assumed that was Satoshi.

"Hello, Aiba Masaki. My name is Ohno Satoshi. I am pleased to have your acquaintance. Do call me anything you wish. Although Satoshi would be just fine for me. What should I call you if I may be given permission to ask you?"

"Uh, Masaki is alright with me. Nice to meet you as well, Satoshi-kun." He blushed in front of the pretty man. Ohno Satoshi was perfect. No words could describe him. He was beyond words.

Next, the very last man walked up to Aiba, up close and personal. Their noses were almost touching. Aiba's red cheeks grew even more visible. Then his heart melted again at the sight of this man's smile. Even if it was a tiny and barely visible smile.

"Masaki, it is nice to meet you here tonight. I am Matsumoto Jun. I prefer you call me by my first name, Jun. I hope you do not mind me being so close to you right now. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you look at this very moment. To tell you eye to eye. It would be meaningless if we were not sharing eye contact now wouldn't it?" There goes an even bigger smile from the flattering young man who had not moved away from Aiba yet.

"Jun, should you not get off him now? You are scaring Masaki."

"Alright Sho. I will listen for Masaki's sake but do not think that this will happen again." And he backed away, walking further and further from Aiba to where his friends were standing patiently.

The four men seemed to be staring at Aiba quite intently. Smiles and grins spread upon their each individual lips.

"It fits him nicely, does it not?" Ninomiya commented. Ohno nodded as Sho continued to stare. Jun, well he was trying to approach Aiba again for the man had such an adorable look on his face.

That's when Aiba noticed that the four of them were all wearing the same clothing...It looked undoubtedly perfect on these people but that when he realized, his own clothing had somehow turned the exact same as what they were wearing. But how? When? Who are these people?...

"How-? Why am I wearing this? I was just-Who? Who are you people?" Aiba stuttered on his words. He did not know what to say.

"Well, since Sho has already blurted it out, we might as well say it again." Ninomiya paused for a second before gazing directly into Aiba's eyes.

"We are your guardian angels, Sho, Kazunari, Satoshi, and Jun. And you are our beloved Masaki. We will forever protect you and you will never experience pain nor will you have to withstand a horrible life ever again. For the four of us will be here to ensure that you will from this moment on, lead a happy and joyous life free from your past and pain as well as the life you so very much hate."

"But why?" That was all Aiba could say. Why is that they would do so much for someone like him? He did not understand any of this let alone be ready to accept it.

"Because, we love you, Masaki. We always have and we always will." Sakurai immediately answered, eyes twinkling.

Upon hearing these words, which he had never been able to hear and had yearned to hear, Aiba Masaki fell onto his knees, breaking into tears of happiness.

How much and long Aiba had longed for someone to say, 'I love you', to him. His wish has finally been granted...

Nothing now mattered but the four people in front of him whom he knew would become the most special precious to him in his life.



Yepppp, that was short I know. And I know I took forever. And I also know I have disappeared for such a long time. But I am not exactly back back. I just felt bad about leaving so suddenly and not updating when there are people waiting >< I miss you guys!! D: But I've well gotten a bit tired of fanfics, sadly :/ But I still love writing although I haven't written much since school started...Okay, ever sicne school started, I've become so busy and lazy...I really hate homework >.> Real life is indeed a bitch. Please excuse my swearing. It is needed. So I am VERY VERY SORRY! D: I hope you will forgive me >< I really don't know if Im leaving LJ permanently or just having a semi-hiatus. I dont think its permanent. Maybe just a long term hiatus...Well, Emi has been trying to be active on her separate account and I have tried but failed....until now. I know this chapter took forever but yet its so terribly short and not very good but I hope you enjoy it anyways. :) Again I missed you guys! and I'm really really sorry!! @__@ Forgive me m__m.

Okay, dont know when I'll be updating anything but I will most definitely try to find time to reply to comments :D Aiyee right now Im supposed to do my homework(alot of homework) but as you can see I'm procrastinating :P I always do XD and I have to go out so I will stop here. But actually I did mention our semi-hiatus. I dont think anybody bothered to look at it though...its right on my journal so not that hard to find...okays gotta go people. Bye! I hope to see you again sometime ^^ Goodbye for now then.

~Michi (Not Emi) I dont think she uses this account anymore..oh well i dont know. we both barely use LJ anymore....and arggg i keep sneezing today @__@ i hope im not getting sick again noooo anything but that D: I would love to tell you all about that experience but i guess next time cuz I really am in a hurry! >< BYE!(:



( 7 Su Mi LuuS — Su Mi Lu De )
Nov. 22nd, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC)

Both you and Emi are active again! ;~;

I missed you! :D Where have you been?! xD

I'm currently busy, but when I get home, I'll make sure to read this :3

Welcomeback, Michi. <3
Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:50 am (UTC)
Yes we are somewhat active XD Missed you too >< Well, I've been in real life...which means school and volleyball...so basically I was in hell :P Lol. Oh you're busy too? Emi and I have been pretty busy ever since school started...it sucks :( I'm glad you'll read this :3 I hope I don't disappoint you or anything...I kinda rushed (as always)^^" and well I was too lazy to fix it up XD
Aww thank you. It's good to be semi-back?? o.o Nice to see you again though :D
Nov. 23rd, 2009 03:38 am (UTC)
Ahh, I understand. School's been killing me too. I'm currently sick with the flu, though. My head's hurting like mad xP

I wasn't disappointed at all! I'm soo interested, now :] No matter how long it takes, I'll wait for the next chapter of this ;D

Nice to see you again, too <3
Nov. 22nd, 2009 11:58 pm (UTC)
so i can tell when this id updated
and i was so thinking about this fc todaytianking it woud be nice to read it!!
ok so off to read
Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:47 am (UTC)
Lol, I don't think I know what you mean by adding you so you can tell when this is updated? I thought you just track it...? Im confused haha XD Oh well, wow you must be psychic :O I hope you're not disappointed with it ^^" I kinda did it in a rush ><
Nov. 23rd, 2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
no it was wonderful!
i luv it!
and what i meen by "add me" is if you have a nuther LJ tht your gona post this on plaese add me so i know when theres a update on my F-list^^!
(sorry that i confused you)
an yes im psychic (like shawn from psyic XP)

well i hope your doing well and all is good with you^^
(and i'll be waiting for chappy 2)
Nov. 26th, 2009 11:38 am (UTC)
Oh, finally...been waiting forever
I thought that you're not going to finish this story ^^
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