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BaCk-eR | FOrwarD-eR

Second Chance Ch. 10

Title: Second Chance
Author: Arashiku's Emi
Genre: Romance, Comedy, and AU
Pairing: Chiitaro
Rating: PG13
Warning: very OOC characters, unbeta-ed
Disclaimer: You don't even have to ask.
Summary: It's Ryutaro's time to shine! :D

Ch. 1
Ch. 2
Ch. 3
Ch. 4
Ch. 5 
Ch. 6

Ch. 7

Ch. 8
Ch. 9

The Newest One:


“Ryutaro-nii-san!!!” Shintaro happened to innocently skip by. “Who is it? Did Ninomiya-san drop by again?”

Shintaro spotted Chinen and his innocent smiled changed into a mischievous one.

“Oh, ho ho? What do we have here? Can this possibly be onii-san's girlfriend?”

“Don't make random assumptions, you noisy brat!”

“Right, right. Onii-san is way too ugly to get a girlfriend of any kind. Only the most desperate, lowly girl would want that as a boyfriend.”

Ryutaro swung his fist at Shintaro's direction. Shintaro dodged it skillfully.

“I would feel bad for a pretty girl like you to fall for a guy like him.” Shintaro continued.

“Shut up!”

Ryutaro attempted to kick him, but Shintaro already predicted his next move. Instead, Shintaro found some way to trip his older brother.

“Tsk, tsk. Look at this pitiful creature. Clumsy, easily angered, like a big fat, grumpy cat. Only that would look better than him.”

“Got you.” Ryutaro snarled, pulling Shintaro down by yanking on his left foot.

“Ow! Ow! OW!! I'll tell Mom what you're doing to me!”

“Like hell you will!”

“Chinen! Heeeelp meeee!”

“What? How the-?”

Shintaro took Ryutaro's moment of hesitation and punched his brother in the face.

“Aw, shit, you!”

Shintaor escaped and hid behind Chinen's back.

“Come another step closer and I will tell her everything! Including your oh, so perverted dreams!”

Ryutaro blushed scarlet.

“Wha-what? You're bluffing!”

“Would I? Would I really, Ryutaro Morimoto-sama?”

“There's no way! Unless...you little evil eavesdropping, bratty-” Ryutaro glared menacingly at his younger brother who grinned cheerfully back at him.

“Oh~Yuri-chan~ Yuuriii-chaaaan~” Shinataro mimicked Ryutaro.

Ryutaro blushed even redder.

“I don't sound like that!”

“You're so hot and fine, Yuri-chan~”

“I never said that! Stop making stuff up!”

“Come look~You make me so happy, every time I look at you I get an-”


Shintaro giggled. “Aw, it's love in the making, ne, onii-san? I bet you just want to-”


“Don't judge him too harshly, Chinen-kun. He's a really good person when he's not busy yelling at me.” Shintaro whispered to Chinen.


“Okay, okay. Geez, take a chill pill.” Shintaro scoffed, skipping out the way he came. “Remember what I told you, Chinen-kun~”

“NO! DON”T REMEMBER! He's just an idiotic brat!” Ryutaro hollered, no idea what his brother truly meant. “Ca-come on! We better get out of here before that noisy idiot eavesdrops on us again.”

Ryutaro stomped up the stairs and Chinen followed close behind, giggling.

Ryutaro is kinda cute when he's so flustered~

“In here...Gah! Why is it so messy! I swear it was cleaner before!” Ryutaro declared as he rushed about, cleaning up his room.

A cage caught Chinen's attention. Making sure that Ryutaro wasn't paying attention, he stealthily creep to the cage and peeked in I. A small furry hamster was running rapidly on a light blue wheel. It was going so fast, you couldn't even see its tiny legs.

“Eh, kawaii~ Ryutaro-kun, I didn't know that you liked hamsters.”

“Urm, yeah...” Ryutaro stopped cleaning and knelt down next to Chinen. “They're cute right?”

“Yeah, very cute.”

“You want a closer look?”

“Can I?”

Ryutaro picked the hamster from the cage and placed it in Chinen's hands.

“Hee hee, it's so furry. Ah~ it won't keep still!” Chinen giggled girlishly.

“Ah~ Yeah...” Ryutaro replied too busy staring at Chinen's laughing face.

“E-eh? Why are you looking at me like that?” Chinen blushed.

“Oh, um..Ack! Oh no! The hamster is getting away!”

“Careful! Don't step on it!”

“Ah! Where did it go...”

“Ah! Ah! Behind you!”

“Waaaah~ How can something so tiny be so fast?”

“Stop moving! Aaaah~Please stop moving Hamster-chan!”

They chased the hamster all over ryutaro's room. Until, finally, the hamster stopped running for a second. Ryutaro managed to cup his hands over the little guy before it decided to make a break for it again.

“I...got...you...” Ryutaro panted.

“Better put Hamster-chan back in his cage before we go on another wild goose chase.” Chinen suggested.

Ryutaro nodded and out the small creature back in its cage where it resumed to run on it's wheel.

“Look at him! He's still going! Hamster-chan sure is amazing, ne~” Chinen sighed in disbelief.

“Do you have any pets , Chinen?” Ryutaro sat down on his bed.

“Hmm, no but it would be fun to get some.” Chinen sat next to Ryutaro.

“You should totally get a hamster! They're so fun! And not that much work either. Or you can raise virtual pets if you don't have time. I could lend you my DS. I have Nintendo Dogs on it.”

Chinen laughed. “Oh, no. I don't think I need a pet. I have one right here, ne?”

“What?” Ryutaro answered, completely lost.

“Ryutaro-kun is like a pet to me~”


Chinen hugged Ruytaro, smiling sweetly up at him.


“This would make a great picture for your wedding~” Shintaro popped up from nowhere.

“Uwaa!! When did you get in here, brat?! Go! Get! Leave!”

“Alright then~ I know you want to spend more alone time with your Yuri-chan~”

“Stop it with your sick fantasies! A kid like you should not be so nosy and perverted!”

“You're calling ME perverted?! When your the one who has the sick fantasies of Chinen?”

“I said LEAVE! Is stalking me the only thing you do?”

“No, but it's a fun hobby~”

Beep! Beep! Beep!

“Moshi? Moshi?”

“Chinen? Can you come down for a bit? I have a surprise for you.”

“Eh? Who is this?”

“Nino, duh.”

“How did you get my number?!”

“Details, details. Just come down, would you?”

“Ah, okay then...”

Chinen hung up to discover two pairs of eyes glues to him.

“Uh, I have to go...” Chinen mumbled, moving awkwardly towards the door.

“Well, the door is this way and-”

“Move it brat. YOU stay in your room and don't interfere.” Ryutaro pushed his brother out of the way.

“But I want to see how you handle a goodbye with your lover! Will you get a kiss? I wanna see!” Shintaro whined.


“Fine, fine.” Shintaro pouted.

Ryutaro led Chinen to the door.

“See you at school, Chinen.”

“Bye, Ryutaro-kun.” Chinen smiled and gave the latter a quick hug.

“Urh, ah, yeah, bye...” Ryutaro stuttered, blushing once more.

As Chinen left the house, he heard the defiant voice of Shintaro.

“What? A hug? That's it? Ryutaro, you're a lame onii-san!”

“Chinen.” Nino smiled at him.

“Nino-san.” Chinen bowed, “you came back fast.”

“Nice to see you again, Chinen-kun.”



:OOO SHOCK! OHNO GUEST APPEARANCE!!! Because I'm totally Arashi biased!!! :DDD Alrighty then~ I don't have much to say so I'll end it here. :P

~Emi not Michi


( 4 Su Mi LuuS — Su Mi Lu De )
Nov. 4th, 2009 11:53 am (UTC)
yep, finally :33
*goes to read, spot comment later*
Nov. 6th, 2009 11:13 am (UTC)
Wew wew wew,
I love Chinen x Nino`~<333333333
Nov. 4th, 2009 05:24 pm (UTC)
but WAIT!
LOL jk jk
and specail guest OHNO!
will definitely be waiting for the next update
gambatte emi-chan!@
miss you ^^
and michi-chan too! :D
Nov. 4th, 2009 09:16 pm (UTC)
Hi, I have been reading this story for a while now I just haven't been posting...
forgive me *bows*

( 4 Su Mi LuuS — Su Mi Lu De )

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