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BaCk-eR | FOrwarD-eR

Second Chance Ch. 13

Title: Second Chance(The End)
Author: Arashiku's Emi
Genre: Romance, Comedy, and AU
Pairing: YamaChiiTaro? :D
Rating: PG13
Warning: very OOC characters, unbeta-ed, oh and very rushed :D
Disclaimer: You don't even have to ask.
Summary: What's in stored for Chinen? How will this story end? Who will Chinen choose? Stop asking me so many questions and read to find out!

Ch. 1
Ch. 2
Ch. 3
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Ch. 6

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Ch. 12

The Newest One:


“Ow, my head hurts...” Chinen mumbled, opening his eyes.

The first thing he saw was himself, er herself. Chinen blinked. The other Chinen stared straight back.

“Okay, so that's not a mirror...” They said together, “Holy cow! Who are you?”

They pointed at each other at the exact same time, speaking the exact same words.

“I'm Chinen.” They said together. “No! I'm Chinen!”

“Wait, what's your first name?” Chinen #1 asked Chinen #2.

“Yuu...ki, Chinen Yuuki.”

“Oh, thank goodness, I'm Chinen Yuuri.”

“I think Daiki and Inoo have some explaining to do.” Yuuki suggested.

“Agreed.” Yuuri nodded.

“Welly, well, well, we see you two are awake.” Inoo grinned, appearing from thin air along with Daiki.

“Good morning, Chinen and Chinen!” Daiki giggled.

“You two, explain!” The two Chinen shouted in unison.

“You're wish came true, Chinen.” Daiki smiled.

“Uh, which Chinen? Yuuki or me?” Yuuri asked.

“I remember making that wish!” Yuuki declared.

“Yeah, so did I.” Yuuri cocked his head to one side.

“Actually, both of you did. You see, when you made that wish for both Ryutaro and Yamada to be happy, mentally you were still unstable. You were not sure what your identity was, so half of you wanted to be a girl...”

“And the other half wanted to be a boy.” Inoo finished for Daiki. “The heavens must have taken pity on you and granted this wish in your favor, no nasty tricks this time.”

“So what are we? Twins?” Yuuki asked Inoo and Daiki.

“Precisely!” Inoo and Daiki sounded together.

“Your personality split, so all emotions, ideas, thoughts, ect. you developed as a girl split into your girl half. All your boy feelings remained as your boy half!” Daiki said cheerfully.

“That's...kind of complicated.” Yuuki raised an eyebrow at Inoo and Daiki.

“Hey, Yuuki.” Yuuri faced Yuuki.

“Yeah, Yuuri?”

“Who do you like?”


“Yamada or Ryutaro. Because I was thinking, if they granted our wish in our favor, that means we probably like separate people, but I developed my feelings for them while being a girl.”

“Oh, I see.” Yuuki nodded in understanding, “I like...Ryutaro Morimoto. And you, Yuuri?”

“Yamada Ryosuke.” Yuuri grinned at Yuuki, no, his sister.

“Wait, what if Yamada-kun likes me and Ryutaro-kun likes you?” Yuuki asked in a worried voice.

“No worries. Like I said, no nasty tricks this time.” Inoo hummed.

“This is perfect! We can both confess to who we like and there won't be any problems!” Yuuri exclaimed.

“Yuuri, Yuuki, there are two boys here to see you~” their mother called for the two siblings.

“We're coming down!” Yuuri and Yuuki answered, both rushing down to meet their guests.

“Oh, Yu-,mmfghg!” Daiki began to say but was stopped by Inoo.

“Get your hand away from my mouth! I have no idea where it's been. Probably down your pants.” Daiki swatted Inoo's hand away.

“Ew, who do you take me for, Daiki? Ugh, anyways, you can't tell them.”

“Why not? They deserve to know.”

“No, let them find out for themselves. We can't be there for them all the time. It'll be a nice surprise for them.”


“Kaa-san? Who is it?” Yuuki asked her mother.

“Yes, tell us.” Yuuri popped up behind his sister.

“Oh, no one special...” Their mother smiled a knowing smile at the two, “Just two friends of yours.”

“Ohayou, Yuuki-chan, Yuuri-kun.” Ryutaro walked in the room, blushing lightly.

“Morning, Chii. You too, Yuuki-chan.” Yamada followed Rytaro in, smiling widely.

“Hello, Yamada-kun and Ryutaro-kun.” The twins said together.

“I think I'll leave you four alone...” Yuuki and Yuuri's mother winked at them. “Don't have too much fun, okay?”

“Are you ready, brother?” Yuuki asked her twin.

“As much as you are.” Yuuri answered.

“Ryutaro-kun? May I speak to you for a minute?” Yuuki asked Ryutaro.

“Sure-hey! Where are we going?”

Yuuki had grabbed Ryutaro by his arm and tugged him out of the room.

“Somewhere private.” Yuuki answered.

Once Ryutaro and Yuuki were out of sight, Yamada chuckled.

“What's up with your sister today?”

“Yamada-kun.” Yuuri took a few steps closer to Yamada.

“Hm?” Yamada shot Yuuri a confused look.

“Please don't think of me as disgusting. I love you.”

Then Yuuri tip-toed and gave Yamada a quick peck on his lips.

“Chii...You're so strange today!” Yamada declared, “Why would I find my boyfriend disgusting?”

“Ba-boyfriend?” Chinen repeated, dumbstruck.

“And then you're suddenly saying 'I love you'. Well, guess what?” Yamada put his hands around Yuuri's waist and pulled him closer, making the younger blush, “I love you too.”


“I haven't heard you call me that in a long time. What happened to Ryosuke? It's Ryosuke-kun, Chii.”

“Ryosuke-kun...” Yuuri buried his head in Yamada's chest.

They remained like that for a long time. Then, Yuuri realized what he was doing and began to blush furiously.

“Uh, we better go find Yuuki and Ryutaro-kun.”

“Alright.” Yamada agreed.

The two walked into the living room, discovering they were no where in sight.

“I wonder where they went...” Yuuri spoke put loud.

“Found them.” Yamada answered Yuuri's question.

Yuuki and Ryutaro were making out in an empty closet.

“Hey! We're not playing 7 Minutes in Heaven!” Yamada shouted, interrupting them.

The two broke away immediately with beet red faces.

“Oh.” Ryutaro stated blankly.

“Yeah, 'oh'.” Yamada smirked.

“Yuuri, it turns out we were dating this whole time.” Yuuki smiled shyly at Yuuri.

“Yeah.” Yuuri replied meekly.

“Hey, Yamada, don't you think those two are acting really weird today?” Ryutaro asked the other boy.

“Tell me about it.” Yamada rolled his eyes, grinning.

Omake? Well, sort of.

“You know what I find strange?” Inoo asked Daiki.

“No, I don't know and I don't want to know.” Daiki replied.

“Aw, come on!”


“Why did Chinen get two guardian angels? Even the most abused children usually only get one.”

“He's special, I guess.”

“No, I think the heavens planned this whole thing from the beginning.”

“What kind of idiotic nonsense are you talking about now?”

“Well, if you think about it, there's now two Chinens. I might be bad at math, but two Chinens divided by two angels equal one angel per Chinen.”

“Hey, you're right. So this was just some big crazy scheme from the start?”

“Who knows, but it looks like it.”

“You know, Inoo, you're smarter than you look.”

“Thanks! Wait, that's a compliment, right?”


“Then why does it feel like an insult?”

“Because you're stupid.”

“Hey! You said I was smart!”

“I've changed my mind.”


~The End~


Okay, that sucked! :D But I delivered fast this time!

And now it's the finale! Whoo Hoo! Lol, half the characters disappeared toward through this series. XD

Surprising end? That's up to you guys~

See ya! ~Emi



( 6 Su Mi LuuS — Su Mi Lu De )
Dec. 25th, 2009 06:32 am (UTC)
My spot..lol
ah i havent commented yet in cppie 12..lol
Dec. 25th, 2009 07:08 am (UTC)
Nice ending ~~ xDDD
luv it <33
well, though i hope it'll b a little longer ;A;
Dec. 25th, 2009 08:01 am (UTC)
So it end with YamaChiiTaro~!!!! ROFL~!!!
That's great~!!!!!! >_____
Dec. 25th, 2009 10:31 am (UTC)
wow..i didn't see that coming....
But YamaChii and Chiitaro xDD now noone can be sad!

I just love Kei and Daiki here, they're adorable and hilarious! <3
Dec. 25th, 2009 03:36 pm (UTC)
Jan. 2nd, 2010 04:13 pm (UTC)

HOpe that u guys are going well these days
it's been very very long since i last talk to both u and michi-chan
( 6 Su Mi LuuS — Su Mi Lu De )

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