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Because we want to wish Arashi a happy 10th Anniversary, Michi and Emi has made some things for them! Yays! :D Behold! Our awesome totally lame and sucky skills! XD May your eyes burn by looking at them!

So here we have Michi's work first! She has made 2 banners for their anniversary! Give it up for Michi's Artwork!

Crappy & Sucky Banner #1 made by Michi~

Sucky & Crappy Banner #2 also made by Michi~

*sigh* I fail at these things T^T~ Michi
No, No Michi! You do not fails! >< ( This is Emi by the way) It's better than my Introductions banner! Lots and lots better! So without any further ado, I present to you a poem I wrote from pure boredom. I didn't want your eyes to melt from my horrible artwork but this crappy poem might do the trick just the same.
Arashi Poem: A Fangirl's Thanks <<<<sucky title

About a year ago, I happened to stumble upon a group.
People would pick on me, hurting me bad,
So, frequently, I was sad and would moop.
However, though depressed, you made me glad.
There are times when I want to get away,
The days when I just want to run,
But because of you, I laugh each day.
Even when hurting, I still have fun.
I watched you be stupid, acting like bakas.
I laughed so hard, I thought I would die,
From the fan service like, Yuuji and Taka
To Aiba's letter, almost making me cry.
Your music is wonderful, full of meaning.
I only wish more of your talent was shown.
Still, you make me smiling and beaming.
You make me feel like I'm not alone.
So thank you, you've made me smile.
Thank you for being there when needed most.
My life has now become crazy and wild.
You've enchanted people from coast to coast.
Let me finish this poem with these last words:
The five of you, always be together.
All over the world, plenty of Arashi nerds
Think you should continue on forever.

Isn't it bad?! XD O well, here's another, shorter poem I wrote for Jun's birthday.

Happy Birthday Jun

I only wish to see you happy, happy, and glad.
If you were not, I'll be so sad, sad and sad.
For another year has come, come and go.
We enjoyed it, took it slow, slow, and slow.
Summer is at its end, end, and end.
There still one last thing to celebrate!
Hold on, hold on, just wait!
It feels like everything has come too soon...
Nevertheless, Happy Birthday Jun!

Omg all these bad poems. @___@ Well, I hoped you enjoyed it more than I did! 

Arashi, please do continue on forever. (:

~Michi & Emi ♥

A Voice In A Dream Ch. 4

Title: A Voice in a Dream
Author: Arashiku's Emi (Not Michi)
Warning: Well, it's attempted angst :X
Disclaimer: If there's one thing I own, it's my fanfics.
Rating: PG or Pg-13
Genre: Angst
Summary: Ohno can finally leave the hospitable! But will all be good?
I always take forever to update this story for some reason >< I'm so sorry D: Hope you forgive me? ^^;

Previous Chapters:

Chapter 1: The Accident
Chapter 2: Something Bad is Going to Happen
Chapter 3: Fishy Nightmares


Chapter 4: There's a Murderer Among UsCollapse ) 

~*~*~Arashi Heaven~*~*~

Haha I know I never write these kinds of entires and neither does Emi BUT this is a must see!!! :O

Arashi speaking Mandarin!! Woot Woot 8D And singing too??? ><


Sho<--- great job as always :3 Although i barely understood you.. XD lol :P but I probably understood yours the most :X
Ohno<--- very good! But I still can't really understand that well ><
Aiba<--- my lil baka boy XD cute but I didn't get you very much XP Your repeatingness is so adorable and laughable XD
Nino<--- LOL nino! XD Your 'wo men' at the end is like hella FUNNY and totally cuticle!<3 But I still can barely understand you ><
Jun<--- very like you to say ily to your fans *wink* haha :D You said so lil though :I but ily too XD

Ahh enough of my fangirling (theres more to come XD)

Arashi Around Asia Taipei Kansha Kangeki Ame *holds a huge sign and waves it around* Half in Mandarin and Half in Japanese(:

How beautifully cute ^^

Oh and btw Sho at the end: Jin da sheh sheh ni men (sorry Im not good with translating to whatever those words are translated to >< I can only write what I can sound out XD)

He said like: Really thank you guys if you read it that way :P IONO soemthing like that :3 Or we're really thankful OR well IDK something XD

Enjoy the video 8D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjwDs-PSRxw Yay! Watch it!!!<3

Haha beginning of song: Matsumiya, Loner Ohno, and Sakuraiba

I can't believe it really. When i watched them speak Mandarin on Mago Mago Arashi I thought you guys were okay but cute(always cute) but when they were singing it's like they've spoken Mandarin for years XD Maybe I'm exaggerating it but I really think so!

They sounded really really good and that's coming from me who critisizes or points out when even a lil mistake in pronunciation or forget saying that! let's just say its coming from me, a super perfectionist (ask Emi :P i really am sometimes) They were so awesome! ><

I can't stop listening to it now 8D

Now, to the Sakuraiba part. Hehehe *laughs weirdly* when Sho put his arm around Aiba's waist and Aiba put his arm around Sho's shoulder I totally squealed LMAO!! :X When they sang, I died and went to Arashi heaven XD And then guess what they did not long after??

They tightened their hold on each other and I died a second time >< And btw is it just me that during 2:55-2:56 where they sang: shi lee (again I suck at that XP) or something it was so beautful, cute, adorable, and idk simply perfect.

That's like my favorite part out of the whole video XD LOL. Weird huh?? :3

And last but not least OHNO'S SOLO<3<3<3 OMFG that was totally love and I died for the third time today X) Haha. It was very Ohno-like as always (what am I saying? So weird) very angelic, sweet, cuticle, beautiful, don't forget PERFECT, and what else? hmmm adorable, and uhhh IONO :P

LMAO it makes me sound like Ohno is my ichiban but no I have TWO!! Gomen ne Aiba-chan! ><

Ichiban are Ohno AND Aiba :3 I love both equally :DD Yay! ARASHI<3

Okay enough of my fangirling now :D (Although I always fangirl every second XD)

I really REALLY want Popolo 2009 September and October and Myojo October where Arashi looks nice as always :)

Haha I thought I said enough fangirling but you know that Arashi fangirls never stop right? XD

I also really want an Arashi calendar T3T As well as Arashi Around Asia DVD but sadly I can't have it =.=

Poor me and Emi(cuz she can't get them either) :(

ANYWAYS I can't stop listening to it @___@

This was a rather stupid entry which nobody will read but oh well Arashi made me do this cuz I love them too much<3<3

Did I mention that I REALLY REALLY SUPER EXTREMELY WANT/WISH to go to an Arashi concert???? XD LOL That is my life long dream and goal :P Well it probably is to all the other Arashi fans who have never gone to an Arashi concert >< Hehehe.














Didn't I say enough of my crazy maniac fangirling? XD My bad XPP

But I cant help it I love Arashi so much...

Okays bye byes people 8D

Watch and support Arashi for eternity!! Haha I always seem like I'm advertising for Arashi whenever I talk or think or advertise(well of course) or love or like or do anything related to Arashi XD

~Michi Desu :3 (Not Emi)

Woot Woot Arashi<3<3<3(:

Heyyyy Aya (syri_chii) Here are the pics you wanted :) I think these are the ones you wanted :P Are they??...I hope so ><



And sorry that they're not that big but if you click on it it's slightly bigger >< I hope this is the right ones ^^'

Forgotten Memories Prologue

Title: Forgotten Memories
Author: Arashiku's Michi
Pairings: ArashiXArashi, Possible To Come in Later Chapters: Sakuraiba, Aimiya, Ohmiya, Matsuba, Masatoshi, Sakumoto, Sakumiya, Juntoshi, and Matsumiya (Your picks)
Warnings: Hm, you'll see I guess. Um unbeta-ed and quite OOC.
Disclaimer: I wish but I don't.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Aiba Masaki had a forgotten past. He wanted to know what had changed his life so much. One fateful day he meets four people that seem as if they had been blessed upon him from the heavens above.
A/N: This story is fictional. Created by me, Arashiku. Arashi does not exist. AU-AU-AU. Alternate universe. May be OOC because I made it up! I just borrowed the characters from my favorite little cuties Arashi! This is my first try on something a little bit mature but I'll probably fail :P
 *This was originally posted on my other account but I decided I want to post this fic on this account instead* ><



Forgotten Memories PrologueCollapse )

Second Chance Ch. 8

Title: Second Chance
Arashiku's Emi :D
Romance, Comedy, and AU
OkaChii (KeitoXChinen), InooDai
very OOC characters, unbeta-ed
I can only wish. :)
Saturday is here~ Time for Chinen’s study date with Keito~
A.N.: I think this is one boring, bad chapter. ^^; I don't know how to make studying English interesting... o.O Can studying even BE interesting? O_O

Previous Chapters:
Ch. 1
Ch. 2
Ch. 3
Ch. 4
Ch. 5 
Ch. 6

Ch. 7

Here's the newest one:


Ch. 8Collapse )

Title: Dreams Do Come True (DISCONTINUED)
Author: Arashiku's *Michi*
Parings: This chapter has: Sakumoto, Slight Masatoshi and Ohnochii and Aibachii, Ohmiya (Not really any pairings?)
Rating: PG-13?
Genre: Romance, Comedy?, Humor?
Summary: Chinen and the members of Hey! Say! JUMP need a favor from their seniors, Arashi. They are more than happy to help out their cute juniors. Read to find out what becomes of this. :)
Note* NewS, Kat-tun, Kanjani8, and other JE groups will appear in later chapters* I don't really know any of the other groups so I would appreciate it if somebody gave me suggestions and ideas and a little idea on how they act and behave and stuff :P Thank you~
Disclamier: I Want Ohno, Aiba, and Chinen SO BAD!!! XDD LOL :P
Warnings: Broken Ohmiya and Sakuraiba Im so sorry! ><
Chapter Summary: What's going on with Aiba and the girls' clothing? Kat-tun's and Kanjani8's short appearance. Nino's evil craziness. Chinen compliments someone and landing time!
A/N: This series will be discontinued because I don't like it and it's getting hard to write. It was originally supposed to be really long but it's gone bad and there are too much people which it pretty much my fault :P So it will be discontinued because I don't have time to do this anymore. This chapter is the last but don't worry! there will be a new BETTER series coming up some time before school starts so I hope you won't be mad at me for this >< Sorry!

Previous Chapters:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 

Dreams Do Come True Chapter #7 (*DISCONTINUED*)Collapse )

An Old Friendship and An Old Love

Title: An Old Friendship and An Old Love
Author: Arashiku's Michi
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Slight Ohmiya, Slight Matsuba
Genre: Romance, Angst
Rating: PG-13? 
Disclaimer: I own little Masaki! :3
Warnings: Very sucky, crappy, and confusing, and probably not all that angsty :P
Summary: *I borrowed some parts of the beginning from syri_chii's fic Memories >< Hope you dont mind D:*
An accident where everything falls apart. Sorry is always enough. If you don't forgive, nothing good will ever come out of it.
Dedicated To: syri_chii, saku062(Saku-chan), kiah_1(Kiah-chan), amh1988(Ami-chan), yuriski(Yuri-chan), and irawrrx33(Rawr-chan)
A/N: This is probably really crappy and bad cause I was feeling lazy and yeah :P I reread syri_chii's fic and got inspired again but I didn't want to do any explaining so it's pretty no really confusing if you didn't read syri_chii's fic XD What can I say I'm a lazy person >< I hope you enjoyed it anyways :3 Although excuse me for the crappiness of this. As I said, I was lazy!! XP So it kinda starts way out of nowhere XD Sorry peoples...But comments are always loved!! :D

An Old Friendship and An Old LoveCollapse )

A Voice In A Dream Ch. 3

Title: A Voice in a Dream
Author: Arashiku's Emi (Not Michi)
Warning: Well, it's attempted angst :X
Pairing: I really don't know o.O OhnoXother people I guess
Disclaimer: If there's one thing I own, it's my fanfics.
Rating: PG or Pg-13
Genre: Mainly angst with bits of romance here and there
Summary: Times passes by... why is Ohno able to come out of his body? Why did he hear someone screaming his name? Why does he feel like he's going

Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1: The Accident
Chapter 2: Something Bad is Going to Happen


Chapter 3: Fishy NightmaresCollapse )

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Ahh I so love Happiness! XD

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Chinen, Chinen, Chinen...Just can't get enough of this cuticle Arashi fanboy ><

Chinen Yuuri Pictures, Images and Photos

Wow. Just..wow. I love him and everything else but that slurpie or smoothie or juice whatever thingy does not look very good o.O It's green..Green tea? I don't like green tea..>< Oh well still love this so much! :DD

HOTT. H-O-T-T. HOTT.<3 Haha!!! XD Chinen :3 ILYSM(:

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Aww this is SO FREAKING CUTE!!! >< >< KYAAA!!! XDD LMAO! :D Hehehe :3 Yay! Chinen!! (: ILY!!<3<3

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What am I looking at? YOU, my dear sweet adorably cute Ohno-chan (: I LOVE YOU!<3

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I guess we'll start with an Ohno icon spam >< This is definitely LOL but its also another thing. It totally deserves a KAWAII or a KYAAAA! XD Right?? :3

ohno banner Pictures, Images and Photos

I am indeed his fangirl ^____________^ Haha I like how this fits XD I say that i am his fangirl and only that part shows up :DD Ohno is covered >< LOL! Perfect ALMOST. Nothing's right without Ohno because HE is perfect<3

nice_beam Pictures, Images and Photos

Indeed he is my #1 angel next to Aiba of course ^^ I simply love this. Words cannot describe it or how I feel(:

ohno Pictures, Images and Photos

Ooooh now that looks good. O.O And peoples I'm talking about Ohno :DD But the drink looks good too ^^ Shouldn't it be Nani? Why did this person make it Nane? It sounds like somebody is mispronouncing none...Oh well Ohno makes up for it ><

ohno Pictures, Images and Photos

Awwww I so love this icon<3 Ohno CHO UMEI I mean CHO KAWAII!! :P Well both are true because Ohno-chan you are cute enough to eat ^__- Hehe :33

Water Gun Pictures, Images and Photos

Crazy Sensei Pictures, Images and Photos

by ljuser vanilla7 Pictures, Images and Photos

I just CANNOT nor EVER get enough of Ohno or his AWESOME faces XD LMAO!(:

Ohmiya Mafia Pictures, Images and Photos

LMFAO!! This is so freaking AWESOME!!! XD LOL!<3<3 I love it! :DD HAHA!(: Ohmiya Mafia! :3 XD LMAO! So freaking dang awesome! ><

by ljuser vanilla7 Pictures, Images and Photos

by ljuser vanilla7 Pictures, Images and Photos

Another one of the infinity reasons why I love you so dearly much Ohno<3 ^____________^

Curiosity Pictures, Images and Photos

OMFG!!! KYAAA!!! I loved this so much when I watched the video!!! XD OMG!! Sakuraiba in the possibly cutest way EVER! LMAO! XDD ILY Sakuraiba<3<3

Aiba Pictures, Images and Photos

EEK! Aiba-chan icon spam finally! :DD Yay! AIBA! ILYSM<3 >< That is simply hott if I may say so and simply adorble and cuticle XD I love it! :33

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I will never shut up or as you say shaddup when you are alive and kicking as always ^__________^ AIBA-CHAN!!(:

Mama &amp;child Pictures, Images and Photos

Music Love Pictures, Images and Photos

I love Sakuraiba ALMOST as much as Masatoshi<3 Maybe same level as Aimiya :P Hehe XD KYAAA!!! Kawaii ^^

aiba kitty Pictures, Images and Photos

Pink Masaki Pictures, Images and Photos

Masaki..if you really had a Masaki.com I would visit it every second of my life! XD LOL (: ILY AIBAKA-CHAN!!<3<3

Pimp Shades Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh nice shade :OO Me likey :DD

aimiya fools Pictures, Images and Photos

Woot* Woot* AIMIYA in the house peoples! >< So KAWAII ne?? XD

Devoured Orange Pictures, Images and Photos

LMAO! Nino ILYT!!!~~ Cho Kawaii and Cho Umei! :DD That's coming from me, Ohno, and Aiba! :3 HAHA!<3 XP

kikubari Pictures, Images and Photos

kikubari Pictures, Images and Photos

arashi....isabell icons... Pictures, Images and Photos

Yay! MORE ARASHI!!!~<3 XD Arashi Saikou Daiyo!! :33 EEKK(: So happy right now :DD Heeheehee XD LMAO!<3 ILARASHI!!!

angelyrique Pictures, Images and Photos

Oooooh more Aimiya action ehh?? XDD Yay! :3

angelyrique Pictures, Images and Photos

Ohmiya! Your smiles, laughter, and happiness are my smiles, laughter, and happiness ^^

angelyrique Pictures, Images and Photos

Awww Sakuraiba right? CHO CHO CHO KAWAII na? :DD Hehe :P SAKURAIBA!!<3<3(: ILYSM!! ><

nice_beam Pictures, Images and Photos

I've loved this picture all along(:

Ohmiya Happiness Pictures, Images and Photos

OMG Ohmiya action in Happiness! I told you I love Happiness SO MUCH!! XD Yay! :33

Ahhh I have so much more icons I need to put but don't have the time >< aww D: Oh well let's do some credits first :D If you can't call THIS an icon spam I don't know what is anymore! XD LMAO!<3 :3 Hehe(:

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